While on vacation in California, a rancher from Oklahoma decided that since it was Sunday, he would find a church to attend.
He had heard comments about the great preaching at this one “upper crust”, “5 star” church but did not realize until he walked in the door that the church had a dress code.
In spite of wearing a suite jacket, the usher stopped him and said, “Sorry, sir, ties are required in order to worship here.” The man paused to decide what to do. Suddenly, he told the usher, “I’ll be right back.”
A few minutes later he walked back in wearing a set of jumper cables for a tie. He even tied a bow in the cables to make it look classy. The usher looked at him, puzzled what to say or what to do.
Finally, the usher tells the rancher, “OK, you can go in. But just don’t START anything!!”

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