Lessons from the Bluebirds

My wife and I have had the privilege the past few weeks to observe a pair of Eastern Bluebirds locate, build and settle a nest in our backyard. To our surprise, though the average female lays 3-4 eggs, our nest box had 6 beautiful baby blue eggs in it. We waited for 15 days to see if they all would hatch. Mommy bird spent a lot of time keeping the eggs warm. Then, the day came. All 6 eggs hatched. The past 18 days the babies have been crowded in their cozy nest box while each took their turn begging noisily for their meal worms fed from their mommy. We joyfully watched the little ones take their turns stepping on each other to get their chance to peek out their little round entrance. Today, the big day came when all 6 birds suddenly just flew away one by one.

We can only imagine what must go through a fledgling’s mind as it prepares to leave the nest. But what was so wonderful was the courage that each little baby had. Each one stuck it’s head out the hole of their nest box, looked each direction for a few seconds, then flapped its wings and in a matter of 2 seconds it was gone. There was no hesitation or delay. It was as if it looked back briefly at it’s warm, comfortable home since the day it hatched and then flew.

I think of the times we as humans find ourselves in our warm comfortable places in life. Though there is a fantastic world out there to learn, see and explore, we find it easier to sit in our nest rather than simply muster up the courage and face a new, exciting and unknown challenge. Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”


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